WeXelebrate im weXelerate


WeXelebrate im weXelerate

WeXelebrate im weXelerate. Vielen Dank an den TV Salon am Naschmarkt für das stimmungsvolle Video vom Grand Opening - mit UNIQA CEO Andreas Brandstetter, Speedinvest-Gründer Oliver Holle und TheVentury Co-Gründer Christoph Bitzner im Interview.

Gepostet von DerBrutkasten am Dienstag, 21. November 2017
WeXelebrate im weXelerate. Vielen Dank an den TV Salon am Naschmarkt für das stimmungsvolle Video vom Grand Opening – mit UNIQA CEO Andreas BrandstetterSpeedinvest-Gründer Oliver Holle und TheVentury Co-Gründer Christoph Bitzner im Interview.
weXelerate is a startup & innovation hub with a unique and thriving ecosystem of open innovation on nearly 9000 sqm that aims to connect startups and established corporates. Each year the weXelerate Accelerator supports 100 of the most promising European startups with a focus on energy and infrastructure, industry 4.0, media, insurance and banking, as well as cross-industry technologies such as internet of things, artificial intelligence, bots, mobility, blockchain and cyber security.

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