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18:00 - 23:00
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Event Announcement: Web3 Special 🔒🔑🖥️📄✍️

Part of https://viennablockchainweek.dltaustria.com/

Join us as we dive into the wonderful world of Web3, take a closer look at L1 & L2 protocols, and let ourselves be enchanted by exciting Web3 projects.

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Event Details:

🗓️ Date: June 19, 2024
📍 Location: Lean-Coders GmbH, Hainburger Str. 33, Vienna
⏰ Start: 6 PM | End: 11 PM
🗣️ Language: English & German
🍺🍕🍹 Refreshments: Drinks, snacks, and sweets available for guests

🎙 Meet the Speakers:

🔹 Ed Prinz (Co-Founder, DLT Austria & DLT Germany) – Since starting with the free Bitcoin Academy in 2016, he has played a key role in developing the EY Blockchain Competence Center GSA, leading, consulting on, and developing numerous projects. For years, he has been conducting regular workshops on Web3 and technology. As the President and Co-Founder of DLT Austria, he has been organizing all meetups, events, workshops, and panel discussions for three years to strengthen the blockchain community. He also founded his own startup in this sector, loob.io, an innovative NFT trading platform with AI support. In addition, he is a Co-Founder of DLT Germany, an initiative in Germany that strongly advocates for education and awareness in the field of blockchain.
🔹 Ilja Geier – Senior Counsel – International Regulatory at Coinbase
🔹 Andreas Petersson a pioneering figure in the blockchain industry, is the founder of TuneTag, an innovative platform designed to revolutionize the way we interact with music. With a career that spans over a decade in blockchain technology, Andreas has been instrumental in developing groundbreaking projects, including the notable Crypto Stamp for the Austrian Post, which has set a global precedent. His leadership at Bitcoin Austria as a founding member showcases his commitment to promoting cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. A visionary and a superDAD to “3 under 14,” Andreas embodies the spirit of innovation, mentorship, and integrity. At the heart of his endeavors is a drive to empower artists and music lovers through sustainable, tech-forward solutions, marking him as a key figure in the future of music commerce.
🔹Helmut (helmut.siedl.eth) Siedl Blockchain Entrepreneur & Evangelist & Speaker | Visionary at DMD Diamond | Founder at blockserv.at | CO-Founder at Lab10.coop
🔹Patrick Sibetz advisor | biz angel | ex quant equity trading | blockchain | speaker
🔹Stefan Kobrc Managing Director RockLogic GmbH
🔹Alex Kirchmaier is a crypto enthusiast and economist currently researching for his PhD in Token Economy. He holds a MSc in Entrepreneurship & Innovation and has built and scaled innovative businesses himself. In recent years he has been advising several dozen startups and invested in a few of them. His core DLT-expertises are token economics, Web3 business strategy, DeFi and Web3 adoption.
🔹Thomas Bergmüller – Thomas is an explorative developer, innovater and security expert specializing in product digitalization, anti-counterfeiting and fraud-prevention. He has played a key role in developing and industry-hardening a smartphone-verifiable Holographic Fingerprint, effectively combating fraud in some of the world’s most challenging markets. With over a decade at the forefront of fraud prevention, he leverages his expertise to build secure bridges between the physical and digital realms for product authentication, banking and digitalization, including Web3.As CIO at Authentic Vision and Meta Anchor, Thomas has collaborated with international clients such as HDMI, Nexans, Lionsgate, and Uni Credit Bank Austria. He is also a speaker and lecturer, and an author of open-source software, patents, scientific publications, and standards.
🔹 Patrick Fodor – Reach out for training/services around Golang / Python / Solidity
🔹 Mirella Bärnthaler is a management consultant and senior project manager at Caliberco and a business coach in web3-related projects. She holds a Master’s degree in European Project and Public Management and worked in the creative and cultural industries before turning to new technologies. She gained her experience in blockchain-based token economy projects, asset development for the energy market, validation processes and governance in DAOs. Her clients include the European Commission, UNICEF and the Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna, Austria. Her focus is on implementing the token economy in community governance and expanding community engagement through digital reward structures for the benefit of all stakeholders.
🔹 Vinzenz Treytl is senior researcher and area manager at ABC Research. At ABC Research he leads applied as well as fundamental blockchain research projects. His focus is on business and economic questions in various areas of blockchain application such as financial services and sustainability. His research interests include new digital asset classes and innovative blockchain-based market infrastructures as well as blockchain-based business processes and business models. Vinzenz also is a lecturer at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration’s Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, where he focuses on financial innovations, fintechs and entrepreneurship. Before joining ABC, Vinzenz worked for 10 years as a researcher and lecturer in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship at Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration.

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