Revolution Web3 und NFTs – Workshop

18:30 - 22:00
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Event Announcement: Revolution Web3 und NFTs – Workshop 🌐💡🖼️

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Event Details

🗓️ Date: February 15, 2024
📍 Venue: Mahlerstraße 11 / CITYgalleryVIENNA, 1010 Wien
⏰ Start: 6 PM | End: 10 PM
🗣️ Language: English & German
🍹 Refreshments: Drinks, snacks, and sweets available for guests

🎙 Meet the Speakers

🔹 Ed Prinz, MSc (Co-Founder, DLT Austria & DLT Germany) – Since starting with the free Bitcoin Academy in 2016, he has played a key role in developing the EY Blockchain Competence Center GSA, leading, consulting on, and developing numerous projects. For years, he has been conducting regular workshops on Web3 and technology. As the President and Co-Founder of DLT Austria, he has been organizing all meetups, events, workshops, and panel discussions for three years to strengthen the blockchain community. He also founded his own startup in this sector,, an innovative NFT trading platform with AI support. In addition, he is a Co-Founder of DLT Germany, an initiative in Germany that strongly advocates for education and awareness in the field of blockchain.
🔹 Dr. Jan J. Kruppa (Co-Founder DLT Germany) is a legal strategist and a German business lawyer at KNORR Law Firm AG. He writes for the juris Practice Report and was a lecturer at Fresenius University of Applied Sciences, Munich, for 11 years.
🔹 Albert Quehenberger, CEO AQ Forensics | Dozent PTGR AG | CCFI | CCRIS | CCFE | DLT since 2012 | Award Winner
With a background in intelligence services, I first encountered Bitcoin and blockchain technology in 2012. Following a military project, I transitioned to the private sector armed with newfound knowledge and enthusiasm. Unaware of the rampant greed in the market in 2018, my endeavors faced a significant setback. Residual envy and avarice linger in the current Web3 bubble. Despite these setbacks, my belief in the technology and the Web3 community remains unwavering. At A|Q Forensics, we tirelessly strive to ensure that blockchain isn’t exploited by criminals, finding both purpose and enjoyment in our daily work.

Web3 Workshop Agenda

Welcome and Introduction

  • Introduction of Participants
  • Overview of the Workshop and Objectives
    Introduction to Web3
  • What is Web3?
  • Development History: From Web1 to Web3
    Fundamental Technologies of Web3
  • Explaining Blockchain
  • Smart Contracts and Their Applications
  • Digital Assets: Cryptocurrencies, Stablecoins, NFTs
    Web3 Compared to Web2
  • Key Differences
  • Challenges and Opportunities
    Fundamentals and Definition of NFTs
  • Introduction to Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and Their Main Benefits
  • History and Market Overview
    Practical Examples of Web3 Applications
  • Case Studies and Real Examples
    Main Advantages and Application Areas of NFTs
  • Key Benefits of NFTs Over Traditional Digital and Physical Assets
  • Benefits for Users and Creators: Access to Financing, Community Engagement, Reduced Intermediaries, Pricing, Royalty Payments
  • Marketing and Sales of NFTs
  • Exhibition of NFTs in Virtual Worlds
  • Legal Aspects of NFTs
  • Current Status and Trends
  • Exploitation Rights
  • Enforcement of Rights
  • Copyright Discussion: The Impact of Web3
  • Opportunities and Risks for Businesses and Society
  • Future Developments and Trends
  • Security Aspects of Web3 Assets like NFTs & Crypto
  • Addressing Digital Crimes and Incidents Related to NFTs & Crypto
    Conclusion and Networking
  • Summary of Findings and Feedback Session
  • Opportunity for Networking and Exchange

By attending the event, you consent to being photographed as per § 78 Urheberrechtsgesetz. These photos may be used for post-event reporting by the DLT Austria Team and published on DLT Austria’s media channels including the website, LinkedIn, Instagram, and newsletters, without compensation.

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