Interactive Video Marketing Breakfast: Social Selling & Community Building

Interactive Video Marketing Breakfast: Social Selling & Community Building
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Nowadays many people are aware of the fact that videos are the most authentic and powerful tool to stand out of the noise and to communicate effectively with their target audience. Businesses and marketers who used video ended up growing revenue 49% faster than non-video users (Vidyard).

Unfortunately, most do not know how to integrate videos in their consumer cycle nor how to leverage it to connect with their following.

Why invest in video marketing?

Investing in video marketing helps you to

  • communicate with your audience in real-time and strengthen your relationship
  • educate your audience the way they want to hear about new products (⅔ prefer video)
  • ask prospects for real feedback (1:1 or polls)
  • grab and hold the users’ attention regardless of the noisy competition
  • take advantage of algorithms’ video preferences incl. SEO
  • simplify complex topics and the way users learn about news
  • stay relevant in 2019 and further

In 2019, the future of communicating and selling is through video. Personal and engaging stories, not facts and figures, resonate with people.

Learn from international videographer and creative director Sandra Noll and international marketing strategist Bettina Wittmann how video can propel your growth and avoid to be forgotten.

Workshop results: What you will get out of it

In this workshop, you will:

  • understand the current trends in the media landscape better
  • Identify multiple ways to leverage various video styles on everchanging platforms
  • learn more about your target audience and the right tone of voice
  • get a feeling for authentic vs. professional storytelling
  • learn simple video techniques and feel more comfortable on camera through our exercises (smartphone or DSLR camera)
  • See how to optimize elements for professional videos (audio, lighting, composition)
  • knowing how to effectively distribute your video content throughout the customer journey and take advantage of algorithms
  • get access to our equipment recommendations and toolkit to get you results faster and more easily with our without having a professional team supporting you


  • Sandra Noll (Frames of Life) | Video production agency owner, International Speaker
  • Bettina Wittmann (weBOUND marketing) | International Digital Marketing Strategist, Social Media Agency Owner, International Speaker, Mentor

For this exclusive workshop, Sandra Noll – an international videographer and video production agency owner – and Bettina Wittmann – an international digital marketing strategist and social media agency owner have teamed up. They understand what it takes to develop a visual brand story and how to use video to market your service and create an engaged community.

With cutting-edge video strategies and social media insights, they will not just help you with your companies growth but also stay relevant in our noisy society.

Hard Facts

When? May 25, 2019 | 10.00 – 4.00 pm
Where? Salztorgasse 7, 1010 Vienna
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