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Think of a conversation you had that you couldn’t wait to end. The discomfort, confusion or other emotions you felt are probably hard to forget.
Every once in a while, be it in the workspace or in your life, you realize that you need to have a conversation that’s not necessarily easy to have for either party involved. You could beat around the bush or avoid having it altogether, and when you inevitably end up needing to have it, you may not know how to navigate it.
In times like these, crucial communication skills come to your aid – from listening, to speaking and everything in between, we’re tackling it all in our online event.
the female factor would like to invite you to a discussion about communication skills that can make or break you as a leader.

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A proud Philadelphian from the East Coast of the USA, Carol has worked in the HR field for more than 10 years supporting small businesses and large corporations in all their employment needs. She specializes in recruiting, interviewing, onboarding, compensation and benefits, team management, training, and organizational change. Carol also leverages her background in theater for public speaking at presentations, moderating workshops, and emceeing virtual and in-person conferences. Carol serves as a board member for the International Women’s Association in Graz, co-hosts the organization’s podcast, and helps facilitate the professional networking support group along with the monthly Lean In circle. In her spare time, she enjoys volunteering in her home communities, traveling, and experiencing new cultures.

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