Blockchain skills for Europe & Austrian Public Service Blockchain

18:00 - 22:00
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Topic: Blockchain skills for Europe & Austrian Public Service Blockchain (Data Certification Service)

In gracious collaboration with the Superstrada18, Chaise, WKO, Blockchain Initiative Austria!


📍 Location: Superstrada 18, Praterstraße 18 – 1020 Wien
📅 Date: 07.12.2023
🕕 Entry: 6:00 PM
🕖 Start: 7:00 PM
🇬🇧 Language: English!
🎟️ Admission: FREE!


Introduction to the CHAISE Project

Overview of the CHAISE initiative
In-depth exploration of the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course)
Clarification on examination procedures and certification pathways
Discussion on diverse opportunities for contribution and collaboration
Introduction of the Austrian Public Service Blockchain (Data Certification Service)

Unveiling the vision and objectives of the Austrian Public Service Blockchain
Deep dive into the functionality and advantages of the Data Certification Service
Q&A Session: Addressing queries and fostering interactive discussions
🎙 Meet the Speakers:

🔹 Prof.assoc. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn.habil Andreas Riel is a professional coach, consultant and trainer in Systems Engineering, Quality Engineering, Innovation Management, as well as Digitalization and Industry 4.0 to major European industries, especially the automotive industry. He supports both industrial and academic organizations in job role and competence profile specifications, and in implementing them on the European qualification market.
🔹 Jana Faschinger-Sanborn has been a project manager at the ECQA GmbH® since 2021. By investigating the skill transformation through Blockchain and other Distributed Ledger Technologies, she was able to significantly contribute to the success of the Europe wide CHAISE initiative.
🔹 Dr. Christian Baumann is an IT Consultant and Blockchain Pioneer. Dr. Baumann is a distinguished IT consultant with over 30 years of experience across various industries. Since 2015, he has focused on blockchain technology, spearheading the development and implementation of different applications. Notably, he played a pivotal role in creating the technical framework for blockchain-based “Data Certification” (known as “Daten-Zertifizierung” in Austria). This technology has been adopted in both the Austrian Public Sector Blockchain (APSB) since 2019 and the Private Sector Blockchain (PSBC) since 2021. Christian also leads the blockchain working group of “AustriaPro,” co-founded the “Blockchain Initiative Austria”, and serves as the co-founder and CTO of “Infinite Trust Digital GmbH.
🔹 Dr. Gerhard Laga tbd.
🔹 Markus Costabiei tbd.
Interviewers: Ed Prinz, Geronimo Hirschal, Martin Bechter.

🌐 About the Project:

CHAISE, Blockchain skills for Europe, is a sector skills alliance consisting of over 20 European partners. The core mission is to develop a strategic approach on blockchain skills development for Europe, as well as to deliver future-proof training solutions, in order to tackle blockchain skill shortages and to respond to the current and future skill needs of the European Blockchain workforce. ECQA GmbH®’s main task lies in ensuring the appropriate examination and certification for learners, providing EU wide recognition of the certificate.
Special Note: The event is designed to be interactive. So bring along your questions, solutions, and after-work appetite! The discussion will be open-ended with audience participation. So, prepare your questions in advance.

Anyone with an inclination towards Blockchain technology is wholeheartedly welcome!

We are excited to either get to know you or see you again!

By attending the event, you grant your consent pursuant to § 78 of the Copyright Act for photographic captures of your person during the event, acknowledging that this consent is given freely. Furthermore, by participating in the event, you agree under § 78 of the Copyright Act that photos of you may be used for post-event reporting by the DLT Austria team and might be published on DLT Austria’s media platforms such as the website, LinkedIn, Instagram, and newsletters, acknowledging that these publications are made without compensation.

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