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Synthesis Essay Outline - Do You Know What a Synthesis Essay Outline is?

A synthesis essay is perhaps one of the more engaging kinds of academic essays a student must write. It basically involves choosing several ideas from a wide variety of sources, weaving them together into a cohesive essay and then making a strong thesis statement with the support of evidence. In order to do this a good synthesis essay requires the writer to use proper English grammar and writing style. It interwebs information according to a certain theme and relevance in order to support either a specific opinion or viewpoint or to argue a point of view on an important topic.

However, there is no strict rule regarding what kind of writing is required for a synthesis essay outline. The best way to approach it is to think of it as an 'assembled thoughts,' with the writer working from beginning to end to complete the project. Of course, it's not impossible for a student to start writing and have a rough outline before he or she ever begins. This can be a good way to get a feel for the whole process since the writer can determine exactly what information will be needed and what details must be left out to make the piece flow well.One common mistake made by students when they create a synthesis essay outline is to treat each of the sources as independent pieces.

Often the writer will mention one source and then explain how the other source can be used to support or oppose the main claim.  For example, if the essay claims that the earth orbits the sun, then the author may include a quote from astronomical data such as the maps of the moon and the sun.

Even if the other sources cited in the piece completely contradicts this particular claim, the author uses the first source in order to show that the earth is moving, whereas the other source is used to show that the source is stationary. As a result, the overall theme of the essay is compromised and the reader may become confused as to where the conflict is supposed to be located, rather than finding a solution based on the specifics of each individual source.
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