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How to Write an Essay

An essay is, in general, a literary composition that present the author's point of view, but sometimes the definition is so vague, overlapping with those of an article, a novel, a short story, a newspaper, and even a pamphlet, that the essay itself has become a vague term. Generally, essays are formal and typically follow a specific format (APA format, MLA format, Chicago format). However, some writing on specific topics may be written in more casual or 'in the moment' style.

The terms 'essay' and 'essay writing' refer generally to educational writing of one sort or another. Some writers may choose to specialize in particular areas such as narrative writing, critical analysis, or expository prose. But these writers generally follow one of several general formats for writing an essay.

A compare and contrast essay combines argument and counter-arguments. In a compare and contrast essay, the author(s) will compare one or more existing examples of some subject or topic, explore the relationship between that example(s) and one or more central ideas or views, then argue that their view is more reasonable than the view presented. As the author(s) attempt to support their point of view with evidence and logically argue their position, the reader should also be kept informed by using the text box(s) to display additional information about each author(s).

The main idea behind a compare and contrast essay is to persuade the reader that the author(s) have selected the correct comparison or alternative to illustrate, clarify, or justify their point of view. Ultimately, the aim of the compare and contrast essay is to persuade the reader that the particular writer has selected the correct comparison or alternative to illustrate, explain, or justify their opinion.The outline method of learning how to write an essay is very similar to the use of an outline for any type of written work.

The outline allows the reader to get a better idea of the general topic or theme, as well as to become familiar with the structure and organization of the entire essay. Since most college students spend a large amount of time in their essays, having an outline helps to ensure that the student has a firm grasp on the overall direction in which they want to take the essay.

Finally, having a well thought out outline will make it much easier to write the final draft.

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The author may also want to consult other people or sources about the topic

There are many styles to write a descriptive essay and you should choose one that suites your needs.

For this reason, any literary analysis essay should begin with a literature review or thesis statement.

Highlight highlights and any achievements or aspects of your career that you think can help you succeed in your new college.

Luckily, there are some resources available online that can help you prepare for your essay

The only thing in this whole mess that changes is the reader - it is up to the reader to make their own conclusions and deductions

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