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Controlling & Investment Wizard

Controlling & Investment Wizard

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Controlling & Investment Wizard

What makes us tick
At asp. group, we thrive on creating impact at the intersection of entrepreneurship, leadership, and innovation.
We get up in the morning to build high-performance organizations that address important challenges and
contribute to making the world a better place. Together with like-minded people worldwide, we simply love to
execute our moonshots. Focusing on our impact-driven DNA, we found, co-found, accelerate, and invest in
powerful ventures.

How we get things done
Our seasoned entrepreneurs, leaders, and innovators work together as a close-knit team and support one
another and our companies when and where needed the most.

• We truly enjoy thinking big, spend a lot of time on brainstorming, love to challenge our own ideas and
then, once we’re aligned on the goal, execute with excellence and a laser focus.

• We simply don’t do micro-managing around here. Instead, we believe in empowering and enabling our
people, building great teams and hence, great companies.

• We appreciate the flexibility of working from home or from our great office in 1010 Vienna and are
comfortable to get things done on the ground in our hubs across the US, Israel, Asia, and Latin America.
We trust that our colleagues know best where they thrive the most to create impact together.

Does that sound like you?
We are looking for a like-minded, exceptional “numbers talent” who understands the importance of taking care
of asp. group’s portfolio investment controlling, while being excited at the same time to act as key player for
financial matters around new investment opportunities and existing portfolio companies.

• You have a strong educational & business background with a focus on controlling.

• You are fluent in both, German and English.

• You are done with working in a hierarchical environment. Instead, you want to be empowered to take

decisions, act fast based on your knowledge and capabilities, and focus on doing something valuable.

• You are ready to take on responsibility, focus on details with the bigger picture in mind, and make sure

to raise flags early on.

• You’re a results-driven team player that relentlessly focuses on being part of the solution while always

remaining open to others' perspectives.

• You measure your success by the success of the team, your personal growth, and love being a coach

much more than scoring goals yourself. You’re smart, confident, and fun to work with.

• Last but most definitely not least: You truly share our vision and want to have a meaningful and lasting

impact by helping to build great companies that address important challenges and make our world a
better place.

You feel that you are the right person for this role? Great! Reach out to our Chief of Staff, Isabell Bitschnau, at
[email protected] and as we love to get right to it, please tell us why you think you’re our perfect match, what
your (salary) expectations are and when you would like to start working with us. We offer a minimum wage
above the collective agreement with the willingness to overpay, depending on the qualifications.

Controlling & Investment Wizard

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