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Digital Marketing Manager I Event Agency I Part time

My name is Barbara and I am the founder and CEO of Bubble Events, an event agency based in Vienna and Moscow. Bubble Events specializes in private events such as birthdays, anniversaries, corporate events as well as weddings.

We try to make each event as exceptional and as personalised as possible, so that every individual can have a special event to share with their friends, family and colleagues.

I'm looking for someone, who can support me to create an online presence and continuously interact with clients, while thinking of creative campaigns, partnerships and posting interesting content!

I’m really open-minded, creative and easy to work with :) I love meeting new people and surrounding myself with motivated individuals, who are as passionate as me!


+2 years of experience in Digital Marketing
Fluent in English, German is a plus
Part-time (open to consider full-time option in a few months)
Looking for someone who has a creative way of thinking, challenges me and makes the trains run on time :)

Looking forward to hearing from YOU!

Digital Marketing Manager I Event Agency I Part time

Freelancer / Projektarbeit, Geringfügig, Teilzeit
über 2 Jahre Berufserfahrung

Veröffentlicht am 20.01.2022

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