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Ever wondered what’s the single most powerful way to accelerate your career?

Studies show that a tight-knit circle makes all the difference – especially for aspiring female leaders looking to advance their career, access to experienced role models and leaders within & beyond their industry can completely change the game.

– our approach –

Our aim is to make mentor figures more accessible for the next generation of female leaders across all industries, and build the right opportunities for them to be able to accelerate their careers.

limitless mentoring is a one-of-a-kind online conference powered by the female factor, all about connecting you with true role models that are ready to share their insights on #howtomakeit. Taking place on the 23rd of July, the event will bring together more than 50 renowned experts who are ready to support a new generation of leaders. Featuring curated panels, hands-on workshops and exclusive Q&A, the conference will focus on boosting personal and professional growth while uniting women across industries and roles.

– what to expect –

This is not just another networking event or female empowerment conference (although we do want you to feel empowered). Limitless mentoring should serve as a tool for you to step into your power, access curated knowledge and, most importantly, put it to use.

x 200+ curated participants with diverse backgrounds matched with each other accordingly
x Q&A sessions designed to give you real advice on #howtomakeit in your profession
x 10+ tracks tailored to the personal and business needs of corporate leaders, entrepreneurs & creatives alike
x 50+ high-calibre mentors eager to share their knowledge on growth & development

We want you to access the kind of know-how and real-life insights you just can’t get from a Google search, by bringing you face to face with people who’ve #beenthere and #donethat. By the end of the day, you will:

x meet like-minded females who are just as passionate about building their dream career
x get answers to all your burning questions, directly from the best in the biz
x receive tailored advice on the things that matter most to you and your growth

– the bigger picture –

The limitless mentoring conference is an integral part of our mentoring summer series, which is meant to give you access to experienced role models and industry leaders, all ready to support the next generation of female change-makers by sharing valuable know-how and their network.

– coming up –

Our #summerofgrowth will focus on equipping you with the kind of hands-on knowledge you can immediately put to use, by combining weekly live Q&As and dedicated feedback sessions with our in-house experts. Our goal is to make empty talks and outdated formats a thing of the past, in order to bring you closer to the career you envision. Here’s what to look forward to:

x how to make it as a founder | 18.06
x how to make it in finance | 25.06
x how to make it as a creative | 02.07
x how to make it in tech with | 09.07
x how to make it in communications with | 16.07

– how can i join? –

You can access one of the limited public spots for the limitless mentoring conference for FREE by applying at Don’t feel like waiting and want to fast-track your application? Join our community and benefit exclusively from 1:1 mentoring sessions and a dedicated 6-month mentoring program with 150+ international leaders.

The Q&A sessions are free and exclusive to our inner circle members. What’s more, we’re capping the list at 10 participants each, in order to foster an intimate atmosphere and make sure you get all your questions answered.

– about the female factor –

The female factor is the fastest-growing international community for female leaders ready to unlock their potential through tailor-made experiences and know-how. We believe impactful mentorship, dedicated knowledge and personalized events can change the game.

– about the inner circle –

The inner circle is the members-only community by the female factor. Members get access to highly curated, impactful workshops, mentoring sessions, and exclusive events. This limitless event is part of the inner circle offer and free for all members. If you’re not a member yet, you can become one via

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