Coaching MasterClass

04.05.2020 - 05.05.2020
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This innovative new programme is experiential and empowering. It will equip you with both the skills to coach and to coach the coaches. Designed for existing managers of all levels this 2 day programme will provide you with practical skills to unlock the potential of teams and individuals and raise awareness.

“Coaching is not just a practice for experienced professionals. It is a skill used by managers at all levels to empower teams and drive performance. Every employee has untapped potential and can achieve much more than they are currently aware of. In today’s rapidly changing environment organisations need managers who can facilitate change and get the best out of people. It has been proven that a coaching culture will thrive despite facing external challenges because it is a creative environment. You don’t need years of expertise to be a coach you simply need to develop your communication skills. Organisations who are doing this in theworld right now are the most successful and consistently receive awards for being the top places to work.”

– Rowena Khanna- Course Leader

By the end of this course you will:
>Be able to facilitate a coaching dialogue to enable another person to answer their
own questions
>Understand how to create a coaching culture in your organisation and the power of
learning organisations,
>Have the skills to coach and coach coaches including advanced listening and
questioning skills,
>Be able to coach yourself to improve self-awareness, self-esteem and to overcome
personal barriers,
>Understand the power of goal setting and how to empower people to be proactive,
take decisions and to take steps towards personal growth.

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