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Business Storytelling Webinar

16:00 - 18:00
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With every business fighting for attention, how do you make sure to stand out from the rest?

1 Word >> Storytelling

Regardless if you are a freelancer, small, medium or large business, if you:

  • Struggle to position yourself in the market.
  • Confuse customers with your message
  • Fail to get people interested in your business
  • Struggle to persuade people to take action

Then this workshop is for you!

In this workshop you will:

  1. Learn to use storytelling successfully regardless of your business size.
  2. Simplify your message so you stop confusing your customers
  3. Learn to create interest and keep attention with your message
  4. Discover how to attract more people to do business with you
  5. Implement persuasive elements in your message to get more people to buy from you.

And all combining the power of empathy, purpose and, storytelling.

Sounds good?

Great because it’s FREE!

Very limited spots, please register.


  • 16:00 Welcome
  • 16:05 Business Storytelling
  • 16:35 Developing A Persuasive Story
  • 17:15 Put it into action
  • 17:45 Taking it further
  • 18:00 Finished


Juan Guerra is a trainer and entrepreneur who stands out by combining storytelling, purpose, and empathy.

He works with startups, accelerators, and companies to grow their business by helping them unleash the power of their story.

Learn more about Juan by clicking >> here

Business Storytelling Workshop

Attract. Connect. Lead.

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This workshop is in English

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