Business Storytelling Webinar

17:00 - 18:30
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With every business fighting for attention, how do you make sure to stand out from the rest?

1 Word >> Storytelling

If you are a service provider struggling with:

  • You feel you need to chase and beg customers.
  • You feel you need to drop your prices to make the sale
  • You struggle to differentiate yourself from other service providers
  • You struggle to get people to see value in your service

Then this workshop is for you!

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn to use storytelling successfully as a service provider
  • Simplify your message so you stop confusing your customers
  • Learn to create interest and keep attention with your message
  • Discover how to attract more people to do business with you
  • Implement a persuasive system that delivers the right message at the right time

All by combining the power of empathy, purpose, and storytelling with sales principles.

Sounds good?

Great because it’s FREE!
Limited spots, please register.

About The Trainer:

Juan Guerra is a storytelling consultant helping service providers turn a confusing message into a storyselling system that converts customers by giving them value.

In this Business Storytelling Masterclass, he will share with you his framework for a persuasive business story that connects with customers and gets them to want your services without getting „salesy“

Business Storytelling Workshop
Attract. Connect. Convert.

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