Best Practices in Corporate Influencer Programs

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Ever wondered how to motivate and empower your colleagues or your leadership team to be more visible to their ecosystem? Join this session to learn about the key success factors for creating empowerment programs with impact.

Why you should join:
Everybody has a story to tell. Learn why it is especially important today to empower your colleagues and experts in your team to actively communicate to their networks. Their story and their perspectives drive your brand forward. Josef Gasteiger

But it needs to be harnessed, supported and empowered. Learn how to actively shape such empowerment initiatives to transform your employees to corporate influencers.

In this webinar we’ll be discussing the following topics:

  • Why should your team communicate?
  • What are some success factors for such corporate influencer programs?
  • How do you pick the right participants?
  • How do you measure the impact?

About the Speaker
Josef Gasteiger: Josef is a Growth Marketer & Content Specialist at TheVentury. He spent his last 10 years consulting smaller and larger brands as well as personalities in digital marketing. As a cross-functional digital expert he combines communication and marketing initiatives with innovation methods. He consulted CEOs and leaders of national and international companies on their digital reputation, as well as set up countless brand ambassador programs and corporate influencer trainings on how to strengthen your personal brand.

Eva-Maria Meyr: Eva-Maria is Global Director Employer Branding at Dynatrace and an experience communications leader in scaling and developing high-performce teams in fast-pace environments. She and her team recently participated in our brand ambassador program and will talk about their first-hand experiences.

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